13 pin RMC system for fast tracking access to Roland guitar processors and various Digital Guitar products
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Features and Benefits
Explore guitar computer connectivity! A Brian Moore Guitar is as distinctive as the way you play. Below are some of the features, options and benefits that make Brian Moore Guitars stand out from the rest.
Beautifully Figured
Maple Wood Tops
Innovative rear output jack keeps cable hidden away and snug behind your guitar strap

Seymour Duncan, Alnico II Hum, Alnico Single + JB Hum for a wide range of harmonically rich versatile tones    
RMC Piezo Bridge for warm, authentic acoustic tone

The Custom Contoured Top delivers the ultimate playing experience. This design creates a lighter more ergonomically correct body shape that actually increases your playing comfort. The curved top also reduces contact between the guitar and the pick as it leaves the strings reducing pick scratches.

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