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Wrath of Killenstein


Joe Coffey – Wrath Of Killenstein “It was surprising to hear uncommon instruments being used….. The Raptus, with its eyebrow-lifting violin solo (synth violin I believe), gypsy-like acoustic guitars in Whorella, what sounded like a sitar in "BitsandPieces", and a harpsichord doing a waltz in Spell to Raise the Dead……. Joe Coffey's guitar work is superb…” Fiend Magazine “There are very playful and artistic parts in the songs and the experimentation with keyboard created sitar and violin sounds makes the songs colorful and exotic… Wrath of Killenstein shows a lot of promise on this album… the metal scene needs bands like this“. Scream Magazine “Impressive Most of all because it's well played.…I like "The Raptus" (cool violin solo) and hypnotizing "Whorella" very much”… Rue Morgue Magazine Joe Coffey has lit up the New York area club scene for over 10 years. He uses his i8.13’s synth & piezo capabilities to compliment Killenstein’s music. Wrath Of Killenstein recently completed video footage for their upcoming live DVD and are currently recording new material for their follow up CD. In addition, Joe performs throughout New York & New Jersey with “Bar-Fly” and “Crisis Of The Day.” For more information on Joe Coffey or Wrath Of Killenstein visit -,

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