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Lenny "Fuzzy" Rankins
Al Green, Patty Labelle, many others


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Lenny “Fuzzy” Rankins, an accomplished vocalist and guitarist, had the opportunity as a youth to play and tour with gospel artists Shirley Caesar, Al Green, Five Blind Boys, Mighty Clouds of Joy, Gospel Keynotes, James Cleveland, and many others. At 19, Fuzzy formed his own gospel group, God’s Angels. He eventually expanded his music and organized an R&B group called the 14 Karat Band that toured and performed with R&B artists Tone Tone, Roy Clark, Basic Black, Patty Labelle, and Gerald Levert. Fuzzy moved to California in 1990 where he met blues and jazz performer Fro Brigham. Playing guitar with Fro’s group, he discovered the diversity of the blues. In 1992, Fuzzy and the Bluesmen was formed. The following year, the band was presented with the Jim Croce Blues Award as well as the San Diego Music Award for “Best Blues.” Fuzzy’s first blues project, Not Gonna Work This Time, was released in 1993. His next project, titled Good Lovin’, was originally released in the late summer of 1996, and it has been re-released many times since. Take A Brotha Home, Fuzzy’s latest blues project, is scheduled for release in the summer of 2010. Stirring Up The Mix was Fuzzy’s first jazz CD, released under his given name (Lenny Rankins). It features 10 original compositions, all written and produced by him. The CD receives international airplay. Fuzzy is working on a new jazz album, which features sax artists Jeanette Harris, Reggie Smith, Peter Ortega and Eric Jackson. In 2007, Fuzzy received Grammy recognition as a contributing artist on Ike Turner’s Grammy award winning Best Traditional Blues recording “Risin’ With the Blues.” Fuzzy plays lead guitar on the track Ike named “Jazzy Fuzzy” in his honor. Fuzzy cites his music style as being influenced, on the jazz side, by George Benson, Earl Klugh, Lee Rittenauer and Al DiMeola; and, on the blues side, by B.B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Lenny “Fuzzy” Rankins performs with his band on a regular basis as a trio (guitar, bass, and drums) up to the full 7-9 members (adding keys, horns, and backup vocals) for venues and festivals. We are now busy making contacts to tour in Japan and Europe. Fuzzy has played many guitars over the years, but he loves the sound he gets from his Brian Moore. Fuzzy has made that his guitar of choice for his performances and recording sessions. Visit FUZZY on his official web site: at OR at (search for Lenny Rankins) Information also available at For more information, please contact Cheryl Peters, Manager/Artist Development at MoonCook Productions, 619.221.2922 or 619.917.5227 or at

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