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Spiros Soukis
Spiros Soukis


SOUKIS "...blues-rock with Greek soul.” The music of Soukis is blues spiced with funky grooves, shuffle beats and rock elements enlivened with European style and the freshness of Mediterranean breezes.... Spiros Soukis, a native of Athens, Greece, began his love affair with the blues filtered through British guitar masters Peter Green, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. Through them he learned about American slingers like Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Duane Allman and Harvey Mandel. Reading liner notes and credits led him to discover the original men behind the music-- Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, etc. In the early ‘80s, Soukis started to perform and tour with Greek rock legend, Pavlos Sidiroupolos. He studied guitar, piano and harmonica and eventually earned a degree in Music Theory and Harmony from the Athens Conservatory. Soukis moved to Stockholm in the mid ‘80s where he performed live, taught guitar and earned a degree in Musicology from Stockholm University. Back in Athens in the early ‘90s Soukis formed the band, That’s Why, which performed widely, recorded regularly and toured extensively. That’s Why was the opener for a diverse group of musicians ranging from The Pixies to Peter Green himself. The self-produced “Fota Tou Iliggou” (Lights of Vertigo), that Soukis released in July, 1996, received overwhelmingly positive reviews and was voted ‘CD of the Month.’ Reissued in September, 2000, many of its songs can be found in various compilations. When the U.S. Congress declared 2003 ‘Year of the Blues’ Soukis arrived in New York City where he now lives. His latest release "Transblues" is recorded in both Athens and New York City and consists of eight new original songs that he wrote, and on which he sings and plays guitar along with some very special musicians-- Ms. Bernice “Boom Boom” Brooks, diva of drums; Mr. Ivan “Funkboy” Bodley, bassist extraordinaire; and Mr. Jeff “Breathtaker” Stewart, harmonica king, Plus, there are two smokin’ blues covers captured live in the heart of Manhattan. Soukis is a regularly featured guest on Columbia University’s WKCR radio program, “Something Inside Me,” a show dedicated to the blues .He’s also been featured on two other New York City radio shows--WNYC and WSNR--and twice been the featured guest on BCAT’s “The Bernice Brooks Show,” where he performed live in the studio with his band, Soukis. Soukis regularly performs throughout New York and the tri-State region, including Scotland Yard in Hoboken, NJ where the top blues musicians in the region play; he also appears in various other clubs, festivals and private venues. Soukis has extensive experience as a guitar and music teacher; plus, in piano, harmonica and voice instruction. He speaks Greek, English and Swedish fluently. In 2004 Soukis became on Official Endorser of Brian Moore Guitars and is the proud owner of the outstanding iGuitar91.13 model that has become his instrument of choice when playing live and in the studio.

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