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Andrew wheeler was born in the small town of Elmira, located in upstate NY. Elmira was also home to author Mark Twain, clothing mogul Tommy Hilfiger, and motion picture pioneer Hal E. Roach. Andy started his musical career in the school music system at the age of 11 playing Alto Saxophone. Striving for something a bit more aggressive, Andy took up playing drums the following year and played for the school band through the 7th grade. While music and art was always at the forefront of Andy’s curriculum, a brief stint as an actor in 5th grade where Andy starred as the lead role in a play called, “What No Santa Claus?” was the shining moment that sealed the deal for Andy and his on-stage career to come. After playing drums for a year in middle school, Andy and a close friend of his built their first guitar in the schools wood shop class. As crude as the shop class “guitars” were, this was the seed that started Andy’s passion for the 6 string. With the 80’s in full swing combined with Andy’s definite love for the stage and guitar, he started his first original/cover project band out of high school called Saber-X. Saber-X got it’s first gig playing for Blue Oyster Cult at a small club in NY and went on to moderate success opening for other acts such as Jack Frost and Skid Row. After the 80’s shift in music, Andy joined a popular touring cover band called Nighthawk and played with them for several years into the 90’s. In 1994 Andy went to work at Hamlin’s Music Store in Elmira, New York as a string technician and guitar teacher. As the principal teacher at the store Andy developed an advance teaching method for guitar that is still being taught at the store today by its resident teacher. Andy also developed a tuning process that he dubbed “chordal tuning”. By using “chords” to tune the guitar it would play in better intonation that the standard 5th fret tuning methods or even by using a tuning meter. Today Andy is still working at Hamlin’s Music Store but spends the majority of his time dedicated to his business, WiseMinds Recording Studio ( and playing his Brian Moore custom shop C-90 “Dragon” on tour with his very successful goth-prog metal band “Haunted By Angels” (

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