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Dave Eichenberger
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Dave Eichenberger has been exploring the sounds of the guitar for over 25 years. One of the things that makes Dave unique as a live performer is that he augments his sound with real-time looping. Looping is digitally recording sound as it is played, and either playing on top of, or adding to the loop. Using his Brian Moore guitar, he can loop either the regular guitar sound, the acoustic sound from the piezo pickups, the guitar synthesizer or combinations of all three. All live, in real time. Dave's music ranges from pastoral soundscapes to furious shards of musical chaos. Discarding Western music's clichÈs, he draws on European classicism, India's exciting melodies, and the minimalism of modern ambient masters. He combines the freedom of jazz with his unique musical vocabulary. Not just pushing the envelope, but blasting right through it- changing the idea of what a guitar is supposed to sound like. Dave has released 4 solo CDs, 2 CDs with his progressive improv band Hazard Factor, and 4 CDs with his ethereal duo, Future Perfect. When not performing, Dave maintains a roster of students in the Tampa Bay area. He is also active in promoting the performing arts through his city government. You can read more about Dave, his music, and the gear used to create it here: Guitar shown: Custom C55P.13

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